Easy Ways Men Can Take Care of Themselves

The Building Blocks

This lesson is the first in several about skin care. To know easy ways to take care of yourself, you must know about all skin and types of skin. For this reason we are going to talk in this lesson primarily about men’s skin. Men’s skin is more complex than a women’s so it needs to be your foundation of skin care knowledge. I could go into several more reasons as to why I am starting with men, but the most important is this. Men stay looking younger longer than women. You need to know why.

I recently gave a talk at an Elks Lodge for a number of older ladies. I was shocked to discover that the women did not know that their skin is different from men’s. One woman even believed that because they shave every day it makes them look younger. I immediately came home and decided to write about men’s skin. In its most simplistic explanation, a man’s skin is naturally younger, tighter and firmer because it’s richer in elastin and collagen. End of story! Nature cheated and gave them an advantage. Yes, it helps to have a daily skin care routine starting as young as possible, but no matter what you do they will always start out with an unfair advantage.

We do however have a few advantages over them; first, a man’s skin is much thicker than a women’s, actually about 20% thicker than a woman’s. To men, thicker skin means having a larger number of active sebaceous glands. In short, men get much oilier and stinky much faster. Second, their skin is very prone to lack of moisture or dehydration simply because they shave it quite often. When skin is lacking in moisture it gets grimy, dirty and toxic much faster. No matter your type of skin I cannot emphasize enough the importance of daily cleansing. Deep cleansing with a healthy, non-toxic product is very important to healthy skin. As we age there are biochemical changes that happen to our skin. Basically elastin and collagen levels decrease and the connective tissues that cause skin to be young, firm and resilient lose their staying power. This happens 10 to 15 years sooner in women, so women don’t beat yourselves up because your husband looks younger than you, and men please don’t give the ladies a hard time. We’re pretty sensitive about our premature aging. หาคนดูแล

Today’s men are increasingly attentive and concerned about the physical condition and look of their skin. More men than ever are involved in taking better care of their skin. An easy daily ritual of purification, cleansing and moisturizing will keep skin looking in the pink. Although men may be increasingly aware of how to care for their skin, some aspects may be preventing them from succeeding. For many men, non-toxic, natural or organic skin care is something that never crosses their thoughts. Outside the world of shaving their faces, it is uncommon for a man to dedicate time to his skin, particularly the skin on his face. Proper skin care is crucial for the present and the future of your skin. The body’s primary protection against infection, microorganisms and disease is the skin or epidermal system. Skin is also your most important guard against the negative effects of the sun, weather, and toxicity. Skin performs necessary functions for the body; it regulates body temperature and purges the body of perspiration and toxins, to name a few. At first to a man who only washes his face with soap and water, complete skin care may seem like a difficult routine. On the other hand, the payback of these few simple steps is ample. Daily face washing keeps pores from clogging. Clogged skin creates a variety of skin conditions, from pimples to ingrown hairs, which are not only painful and ugly, but can also leave tarnished marks on the skin forever.Everyone from age twelve should practice a skin care routine twice a day including products, at a minimum that cleanse and moisturize. A moisturizer with SPF (Sun protection factor) 15 or higher protecting from both UVA (Ultraviolet radiation of relatively long wavelengths) and UVB (Ultraviolet radiation of relatively short wavelengths) rays is best.

By looking at men in a broad-spectrum it has been found that male skin; is oilier, has bigger pores, a superior blood supply, and has an increased tendency to sweat. Men are less apt to wrinkling than women, and may require deeper cleansing daily. The skin’s maturing process is the same for men and women, but for men it occurs later. In a man’s skin, the dermis layer is thicker and wealthier in collagen. The epidermis is often more oily and grimy. As a result, it’s more resistant than a woman’s skin to the effects of the sun and other environmental issues. Around the age of 40 to 60 years (depending on the man), the dermis layer of a man’s skin goes through a thinning process. The percentage of collagen decreases naturally yet noticeably, causing deeper wrinkles to appear. Just as for women, men can drastically minimize the signs of aging with proper skin care.Typically a routinely used mud mask can help significantly during and just prior to this process.