Turn Your Trains Between Tracks With An HO Scale Turntable

Train turntables have been around ever since railroads have been in existence, so you may want to include an HO scale turntable to your HO scale railroad layout. These accessories are very necessary when you have multiple tracks conjoining in one place. Although they were originally built to turn steam engines, many of them are used to turn diesel engines as well today.

If you have a larger layout you might also want to consider adding a “roundhouse”, which is the circular building where railway locomotives get serviced, or housed. The locomotives access the roundhouse using a turntable which rotates to line a locomotive up with a particular shed or opening in the roundhouse, so that it can get serviced undercover without obstructing movement in the rail yard. Okay, now that we have got that explained, let’s return to the subject of turntables, and look at some options.

Bachmann turntables are popular with many hobbyists, because Bachmann is one of the major manufacturers of model trains and accessories. If they already operate Bachmann locomotives, then there is merit in sticking with the same manufacturer to guarantee compatibility. Although in saying that, a lot of model railroader’s mix and match brands without any problems, so it often comes down to individual preference.

If you want to stay with Bachmann, they have an HO scale motorized turntable which comes with the following:

• Directional control switch and a gear drive to easily direct your train from one track to another

• 16 different track positions for your train to be lined up on

• Turntable adjusts to each of the 16 positions to make switching from one track to another simple

• Model maintenance building included

• Adaptable to other track systems, but runs best on Bachmann E-Z Track

If you are looking for a more detailed HO scale turntable that fits with your train set, then you may find the Walthers HO Scale Cornerstone “Built-up” 90′ Turntable w/DCC a better fit. About this turntable set:

• It has 60 different positions for programming with your track

• A motorized gear drive that operates from your DCC throttle or the Control Box that is included in the set

• The bridge is able to hold engines that up to 90 scale feet in length

• Installation and programming instructions are included for set up that is easy

• This particular model is easy to update as you continue to add-on to your set

The Walthers turntable is quite a good buy because it has its own programmable DCC address that works in direct connection with your DCC throttle, so operating the turntable can all be done in one place.

You may also want to include a Walthers Cornerstone Series Motorizing Kit to provide slower speeds on the turntable and in a smoother motion. This motorizing kit works well with the previous 90′ turntable that was mentioned. best record player under 500 dollars

The correct turntable and roundhouse for you railroad set depends on the amount of positions you want within the turntable which correlates to the amount of track you will have running between that turntable and everything else. If your engine is running on a much smaller track with few routes, then you do not need a turntable that can produce multiple outlets for that engine. Stick to a smaller turntable.

Why would you necessarily want a turntable?

This is an important question to ask yourself when you are planning out your track. The use of a turntable depends on your track design and the engines you operate. If you are modeling a track that is realistic then you will need to assess whether that model needs turntable or not. Then you will need to figure out how much track you will have running between the rest of your model and that turntable, because with only a few routes of track, you may not even need a turntable.